Scaffolding solutions for Auckland’s busy building industry

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When you have a building project that needs to stay on track, you need a scaffolding solution delivered, erected and ready to go when the job starts. Regardless of size, location or timing, we’re the scaffolding supplier in Auckland who works to your timeframe, not ours.

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Scalable scaffolding solutions:

No matter the size of your project, we can provide solutions for small, large and enormous sites, providing your workers with safe, reliable, direct access to any part of a building’s structure. We thrive on erecting challenging scaffolds, so if you have a tough project, we’re the team to call.

Our scaffolding team:

Rocket Scaffolding employs a team of dedicated, fully trained scaffolders with extensive experience in designing and constructing scaffolds for any sized project. Operating nationwide, we have depth of knowledge across the team to find solutions for the toughest of projects, delivering high quality working platforms for our clients. We’re friendly, responsive and dedicated to protecting the safety of all people using our scaffolds.

Our Auckland based services include:

Commercial scaffolding

As specialists in erecting massive scaffolding systems on challenging sites, we can handle any sized commercial development including new builds, refurbished buildings, redecorating, repairs and reroofing. We understand the importance of keeping you to schedule, so you can deliver your commercial project on-time and to budget. We’ll work to your timeframes.

Industrial scaffolding

Industrial projects often require scaffolding solutions over a long period of time, with adaptations as projects evolve. We will work with you through every stage of the project lifecycle from planning to completion, so the quality and efficiency of your work remains consistent. Our scaffolding systems for industrial environments focus on providing the highest standards for occupational safety.

rocket scaffolding - industrial scaffolding
rocket scaffolding - residential scaffolding

Building shrink wrap and mobile roofing

Building shrink wrap is used to protect structures from the elements, so you can work in any conditions. We have the capability to wrap any residential, commercial or industrial structure to protect it from wind, rain and ultraviolet light. This includes shrink wrapping for marine projects too.

Residential scaffolding

With the demand for housing higher than ever, we’re ready to support the busy Auckland residential building industry with scaffolding solutions for all types of housing development. Our scaffolding and edge protection systems are designed for safety, allowing your building team and tradespeople to get their job done faster.


We’re specialists at height rigging for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We provide rigging equipment on-site and certify it before use to maintain the highest standards of safety. We also lift and move heavy, awkward loads, directing crane operators when there are restricted views.

Rope access

Rope access is a cost-effective alternative to erecting large scaffolding structures when you need to get workers to locations at height for smaller jobs like maintenance and repairs. We hire the equipment and can also provide qualified labour to complete your project when and where you need it done.

Stage scaffolding and rigging

Scaffolding is an excellent solution for constructing temporary stages, offering huge flexibility in size, shape and configuration, with reusable skins for walls and roofing. We can erect a fully functional stage almost anywhere for any kind of event, providing performers with a safe, dry environment.

rocket scaffolding - stage scaffolding

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Contact us for the most effective scaffolding solution for any structure.

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Contact us for the most effective scaffolding solution for any structure.

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