Stage scaffolding

Using scaffolding to build temporary stages for large events is one of the most flexible solutions available.
Stage scaffolding can be built in any size, shape or stage configuration, providing exactly what is required for performers to deliver their best.

The added advantage of using scaffolding for stages is the ability to erect a stage almost anywhere, which makes it especially advantageous for concerts held in large outdoor spaces without existing facilities or structures. We also employ reusable skins for stage roofing, walls and wall skirting as an environmentally friendly alternative to shrink wrapping.

Rocket scaffolding has built stages for many iconic Hawke’s Bay events, concerts and shows. We put safety, accuracy and efficiency first to ensure your event goes to plan.

Stage rigging

We offer stage rigging services for lighting, sound and visual or where any equipment needs to be suspended from a hoist or other lifting equipment.

This offers event planners the advantage of having a single provider for all staging and rigging requirements.

rocket scaffolding stage rigging

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